First impressions matter! That’s right: others judge your marketing materials by your design. The first few seconds spent previewing your information determines whether or not the reader will continue or leave! If your emails or other marketing materials look amateurish or difficult to read, you lose the battle of priorities.

Tip #1 Branding

Begin every email with your brand. Include your logo and contact information. Use great images of your business, products and people, so that your audience can easily connect what your organization does with who you are.

Don’t be afraid to use the same content and images across your email, website and social media posts – the more your organization meets your audience where they are, the more likely your audience is to keep you in mind.

Tip #2 Colors



Color is a key consideration for your visual content. Color catches your reader’s attention and boosts their engagement. Studies have shown that different colors create different emotional responses AND influence customer reactions.

Be consistent so readers recognize you in their inbox. Choose two dominate company colors to be used in your emails campaigns. Apply these colors to your borders, dividers, fonts, frames, and backgrounds. Provide a readable experience on desktops, tablets and mobile by selecting a light background with dark text.



Difficult to read:                 Much Better:

Tip #3 Fonts

For emails choose Sans Serif Fonts. They are easier to read without the tails. Examples of common fonts are Arial, Helvetica or Verdana. These fonts are highly readable and compatible with many other less standard fonts.






Tip #4 Images and Video

We are a bit lazy when it comes to reading! 82% of people pay more attention to emails with pictures, infographics and videos. Make sure these represent your brand and look professional. Don’t overdo it, use just a couple for maximum reader engagement.

Add images and videos of your products, services, employees and customers. Please avoid using a single images for your content because many readers may miss out on your message. It’s okay to create videos with your smart phone. You don’t need a professional camera. Keep them short under 90 seconds. It’s recommended that you create videos for product demos, testimonials and promotions.



Tip #5 Mobile

80% of users will delete your email if it’s difficult to read on mobile. Think about it – do you want to read long and complex messages on your phone? When you’re on the go?
No! Well, neither do your customers or supporters.

Start to re-think your content. Long-form content (think newsletters that have more than a couple of short, to-the-point paragraphs) doesn’t work for mobile readers. So look at the content you’re building and start to re-think it. Could it be condensed? Can a picture tell the story better? Can you turn one newsletter into a series by cutting it into pieces?