In a perfect world there are extra hours left over during your business day.  If your day is like mine, it’s a challenge to fit in all the necessary activities including marketing your business.

Being efficient is required not an option This tool is a marketing time saver that will extend your visibility to the TOP 3 Social networks:  Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!

Social Share


Step 1 Log in your Constant Contact account ->  Create and Schedule and email campaign.  Need Help with this 1st step?  Attend a Getting Started live seminar, webinar or Marketing Lab. Click here for dates.
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Step 2 Select Social Share from the scheduling page.  OR  Share from the Actions drop down on the Home page.

Social Share window













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Step 3  Simply connect your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn channels and you can create posts that go to all your channels or just one. You can also schedule social posts to go out up to six months after your email goes out, giving you the ability to engage with your social audience well into the future.  Use the suggested post or create your own.


Step 4 After your posts are published to your social networks, you can track the engagement for each post. You can see the engagements, clicks, and reach that each post received, giving you the ability to see what connected with your audience and what to change for your next campaign.


Take Constant Contact for a Test Drive.  Click here to get started today.  We’ll help you with a FREE getting started training session, and upload your contact list.  Whey wait?


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