It’s Free, easy and a super way to share what you do!

Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to Facebook.

  2. Go to your Business Page review your photos.  Make sure you have 8 that tell your story.

  3. Go to:

  4. Review the video samples for ideas. Then choose “Create Video”

  5. Select and arrange 8 photos from your business page,

  6. Complete the sentence “We’re in the business of…” You’ve got 90 characters.

  7. Choose one of the 4 options for music.

  8. Review your video. Edit if necessary.

  9. Post to your page.

  10. After the video posts you can edit the title, add video tags, and add the call to action at the end just like all other Facebook videos.

  11. The video is 15 seconds so it’s perfect for Instagram. So post it to your Instagram.

Have FUN creating your Business Story!  If you have questions or would like some help just reach out by email: