Attract Customers

Would you like to attract more Customers, Members or Partners? We can teach YOU how to Drive these solutions or Drive for YOU!

How We Help You Attract Customers

Customer List

We’ll help you set up and organize your contacts. Your contacts are the lifeblood of your business, the most valuable asset you have! Together we will:

  • Identify your ideal customer
  • Organize your contacts into segmented lists.
  • Store them in a contact management system that is accessible from your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • See who is engaging with your communications

Social Media

Attract new followers and stay in touch with existing clients using Social Media. Have you set up your accounts? What’s next? We can start where you are today and help you develop a successful brand on Social Media. Let’s discover if a Facebook sweepstakes, coupon or special promotion will attract the right fans. Have you joined any LinkedIn groups?

We’ll show you how to Master Facebook (see our guide here) or Leverage LinkedIn so you can drive traffic to your business and increase engagement. Remember, people want to connect with you. And sometimes they just need a gentle reminder. Check out this video to learn six tips for promoting your Facebook Page.


Attract clients by inviting them to your open house, fundraiser, seminar, hands-on session, online meeting, webinars, or networking event.

Learn how online tools can simplify the registration, send out event invitations and collect payments for your event in real time 24/7. Now you can focus on enjoying the event!


All About Marketing Solutions has teamed up with to offer you a professionally designed website for free!’s web development team will create a fully functional website with all the specifications that you provide. Professionally written “filler” content will be integrated so that you can either use, modify or replace using the user-friendly content manager.

Mobile-friendly layouts that communicate with customers no matter what device they use. Using a responsive design framework, your website will be easy to operate on nearly all Internet-enabled devices.

Advanced web technology that ensures seamless functionality in all popular web browsers. Employing the latest in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, your website will offer an interactive experience that helps retain visitors, increase interest and potentially lead to conversions.

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